Minister: Rev. Christine Gillespie

Sunday Services

Morning – 10.30am
Evening – 6.30pm



The latest news of the web page construction

Web construction update - Our Church Council gave the green light on Wednesday to advertise and develop our web pages further. Thank you everyone involved, especially the wonderful folk who contributed wonderful writing and images to give us such and amazing “initial prototype” of these pages. We’ll now be registering a short(er) URL (web address) and getting ready to […]

This is our “construction site” we are using to compile content and experiment with structure and look. Have a look around and we are delighted to get feedback. Thanks and welcome!


2 thoughts on “Welcome1

  1. Catherine baxter

    Looks great and easy to navigate!
    Is there going to be something about how to book a hall, and who uses the halls?

    1. rod Post author

      Something about bookings is planned – we vaguely discussed that the contact details for bookings could be part of the contact page, but nothing concrete yet.
      BTW, check out Welcome3 for the calendar and see what you think!


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