Webpage To Do List

Already assigned and in priority order (subject to change):

  1. Sort out own domain name that properly maps to these pages
  2. The “Children and Families” tabbed page
  3. A network of links to related pages, in the Circuit, District, Harrogate and beyond.
  4. A nicer, more diverse, banner graphic across the top of all the pages
  5. Initial recruitment of content editors
  6. Setup of several email redirectors for each of the group contact points on the web pages

Pending but not assigned or prioritised:

  • A clear path to how to make bookings for the Church facilities (Winter)
  • A clear path to the Church Photo Gallery, and how to contribute images that contributors are happy to share on the Internet (Winter)
  • Recruitment of webmasters, broad set of content contributors, and content editors/publishers, calendar, photo gallery and “thought” editors (maybe ready for Spring 2015)

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