Sunday School

Families and young people play a vital role within our church community at Woodlands and at Sunday School we aim to explore ways of helping our children to develop and grow in their faith and to learn how their beliefs relate to the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

We welcome all children, from 0–16, to join us at our 10.30am service on Sunday mornings.

Sunday School is organized as follows:

  • Creche : 0-3 years
  • Infants:  4 – 7 years
  • Juniors: 8 – 11 years
  • Seniors: up to age 16

Sunday School runs weekly from the beginning of September until the end of the school year in July.  The first Sunday of each month is our Family Service where we all worship in church together.  On all other Sundays, we worship together in church for the first 20 minutes, then we go into our Sunday School rooms to learn more about our faith through a bible lesson and a range of interactive, age-appropriate activities, including toys & games, arts, crafts, singing, drama and lots of discussion.  We aim to inspire the children to explore and develop their faith in a safe, fun and stimulating environment.

Each year we are also involved in a number of additional events such as our annual Nativity play, carol singing, our Sunday School summer outing, Circuit Sunday School, Pulse (for ages 11+) and various fund-raising events.

The Sunday School Team

Woodlands Sunday School is led by Katie (Creche), Emma & Gillian (Infants), Fiona & Jan (Juniors), and Chris & Alissa (Seniors).  Our Sunday School leaders are all fully DBS checked and have undertaken Child Protection and Safeguarding training.

For further information or to enquire about assisting our team, please contact the church.


2 thoughts on “Sunday School

  1. Hello my name is Susan Neale and my grandson Charlie who is 5 years old has requested information regarding the life of Jesus and his story.
    I am not sure if Sunday school is the answer or if occasional visits to church are the answer. I would like to be there alongside him whatever is appropriate or suits him.
    Will there be any suitable services around the Easter holiday? I am unfortunately working over the actual Easter holiday – Good Friday to the Tuesday, so it would have to be next week or the week after, or possibly later on.
    Charlie attends Oatlands school and lives in Harrogate and I live in Knaresborough.
    I do hope you can help
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Susan,

      Welcome along to our Church!

      Easter is arguably the most important time in the Christian calendar and also the most complex in terms of the life and story of Jesus. Sunday School is a great child-friendly way to learn about Jesus and Christian values and history, also relating to other parts of the Old and New Testament. It’s not unusual for parents of younger children to accompany them if they are shy at first. You would probably find it helpful to have a chat with the minister, especially if you are new, or not too sure, in your own Christian understanding: Rev. Christine Gillespie, 01423 819 663,

      This Easter is an easy time to come along and say hi as we have the Easter Garden festival running throughout, and if the weather’s fine there are likely to be children playing in the community garden behind the church at the same time. See here for more info:

      If you are able to make it, Friday Toast (term time Fridays 9am onwards) is a great opportunity to have a hot drink and toast, chat with other parents of young children, bump into some of the church regulars and (most Fridays) bump into some of the regular community gardeners. Friday Toast is more of a social, community event, not with any worship or specific theological or bible content. But there will always be a few folk around to ask basic questions of, like which services and events are coming up, etc.

      Hope that helps, Rod.

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