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Here are a few links showing the Church’s current “internet footprint”, and some examples of pages we would generally like to model our content or look and feel on.

Internet Footprint

Footprint of our groups and related groups and communities

Model Examples

Format of the listed items: link (aspects that are a good model for us; aspects that are a bad model model for us; other observations)

  • http://www.trinityharrogate.org.uk/ (clean, simple, easy to quickly understand, good navigation style, straightforward url “trinityharrogate.org.uk”, feels trustworthy, seems interesting, contact us and contact form done well; navigation options feel too deep, some content would be OTT for us, doesn’t feel fun; provides an example of acceptable “weekly notices” for the internet, nice pictures but presentation is functional with minimal aesthetic wow, text size and colour might be good to tweak depending on the demographic mix of the audience)
  • http://oldham.urc.org.uk/ (nice responsive feed, not too complicated, fairly comprehensive, nice balance os mostly chirch with related organisations too; the huge identical footer on each page is OTT, the content is a bit heavy; based on a paid-for wordpres theme)
  • http://stpetersharrogate.org.uk/ (nice look and feel; having the events calendar at the bottom of every page is a bit heavy; interesting approach to using the contact for to contact individuals)
  • http://www.harrogateramblers.org.uk/ (good collection of links, visual; one page websites can be confusing and painful to layout for mutlifacited purposes; used by some church members already)
  • http://www.biltonareamethodist.org.uk

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