Cradle Roll

Thank you to all those who attended last year’s Cradle Roll Service!

In 2016 we had 6 families on our Cradle Roll and one baptism. We now have 4 families on our Cradle Roll as 3 children have graduated to Sunday School age.

Our last Cradle Roll Service was on on Sunday 22nd April 2018 at 10.30am.

Our Cradle Roll service is an annual event where children under the age of 4 who have been baptised at Woodlands are invited with their families to attend church and be presented with the gift of a book. All the names of these children are read out, and everyone can see the wall-charts of all the children who have ever been christened at Woodlands throughout the decades. Following the service, tea and coffee are served in the main hall and there is the chance for all the families to meet each other and the congregation.

We keep in touch with children on the Cradle Roll, and their families, with birthday and Christmas cards and our quarterly Contact Magazine. We also encourage everyone to light their Baptismal Candle on the anniversary of their Christening and remember their special day.

All our Cradle Roll children are invited to join our Sunday School when they reach 4 years old. We also have a weekly crèche for children under 4 years old.


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