About us


We have four dimensions to our mission, to:

  • develop and enrich worship;
  • deepen and nurture people, of all ages, in the faith;
  • discover opportunities that expand our existing fellowship and reach out to others in mission, evangelism and service;
  • renew, and keep updated, our facilities to best serve the life of the church and the wider community in years to come.


Our Church Stewards are: Mrs Sue Ross Senior Steward, Dr Neil Ross, Mrs Yvonne Wraight, Mrs Joan Wood, and Dr Ray Baker.

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Round and about our Church

We are located between Willow Tree Community Primary School and St Nicholas Road off Wetherby Road, and just around the corner from Fairfax Community Centre (fb) and St Nicholas Play Area. We are close to Harrogate District Hospital and the Harrogate Town Association Football Club‘s ground, and 15 minutes brisk walk south east of Harrogate town centre.

2014-06-30 16.05.15_sm2014-06-30 15.39.05 WMC_SV_N 2014-06-30 15.58.01_smWe have a large grassy area behind the church building that we use for outdoors activities, and are transforming into our Community Garden, to include a peaceful sensory garden.

2014-07-20 11.53.442014-07-20 11.50.13Our Church’s interior has benefitted from several updates, so that we have a beautiful and modern main church, two halls (and a stage) offering kitchen/cafe access, satellite rooms (also upstairs) and church office. We have invested in airy and light access throughout the church building, with ample disabled access, so our community can enjoy the best of our facilities in all weathers.

2014-07-20 11.59.58stainedGlassWindowsRed stainedGlassWindowsBlue 2014-07-20 11.55.49Street Viewm


UK    woodlands    airOur church’s history

Founded in 1964, we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2014, and our history goes further back than this…

Pre-1947 After meeting in each other’s houses, our first members began to meet at Nicholas House, Wetherby Lane.
1947 The Reverend J Yeoman Muckle started to lead services in Woodlands School (next door).
1948 The Members’ Society was founded the following year.
1950 We purchased the land for our first church for £740,
1952 and opened the doors to the first Woodlands Church two years later (the School Hall).


1954 With a Sunday School 300 strong, more space was needed. So we built the Middle Hall.

ChurchMembers1954  ChurchBuilding1954

1964 With a growing congregation we needed a purpose-built Church, and the Church in its present form was opened in 1964.

ChurchBuildinginvite1964  ChurchMembers1964-gs

2014 Our 50th anniversary celebrations coincide with completion of our Middle Hall renovations making all areas of our Church accessible for wheelchairs and protected from the elements.

2014-06-30 15.39.36  ChurchBuilding2014Photo Gallery

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