Church with choices 5th February

Our service on 5th February was built from three different activities and groups based on Luke 5: 1-11. Here are three reflections this wonderful service.


A Bible Study…

The morning service on 5th February was different from our usual First Sunday service, called “Church with Choices”, we were invited to join one of three groups,   Drama, Bible Study, Creative, to explore and interpret the same bible passage, Luke chapter 5 verses 1-11 “Jesus Calls the First Disciples”.

I chose to go to the Bible Study, which was led by our Minister, Christine. We began by sharing the reading together, it was then broken down under three headings, the Introduction, the Development and the Cliff Hanger, the group then discussed how Simon and all his friends reacted and then coped with all that Jesus was asking them to do.

We finished by Christine reading the first verse of Hymn 674 from Singing the Faith “Would I have answered when you called, come follow, follow me?” We then all gathered back in Church, where each group shared what they had done.

On a personal note, I really enjoyed this new style of worship and hope that we can have it again soon.


A creative activity…

We were intrigued to hear we would be doing things a little differently in church this morning. After considering the options, my children chose the craft activity (and I thought I had better go too!) We were guided by Sue in the colouring in of our fishermen figures and the assembly of our fish. Sue moved around and checked we all had the hang of what to do. When we had finished this we gave some thought to how we could endeavour to be modern day disciples and write these ideas on the back of the figures. A practical activity to capture the children’s imagination and a thought provoking question in a very informal setting.

When we got back together in church to share ideas it was very interesting to see what a mix of people there had been in each group.


A dramatisation…

Our congregation was divided in three and our group looked at a dramatisation of the Good News version of the scene by Lake Genneseret. We had a script with three spoken parts and ‘crowd participation’.

At this time Jesus had an accompanying crowd and asked Simon if he could address the people from his boat. Later, Jesus suggested that the boat be pushed into the water and that they recommence fishing. This suggestion was met with surprise as the men had worked all night with no success. Nevertheless, the advice was heeded and resulted in such a catch the boats could barely float. Together with help from James and John the boats were beached. Simon, James and John, astonished at what had occurred, knew they were in the presence of a great leader, abandoned their boats and became followers.

The drama caused us to think about this familiar story in different ways. The situation, the attitude of the leading characters and the impact of leadership on ordinary people.

Delia and Violet

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